Icely Done is a UK based cocktail company. We specialise in creating innovative and imaginative cocktail blends at the heart of best-selling cocktails that can be prepared quickly, consistently and without fuss.

Our blends are ideally suited to busy, high volume bars or anyone with aspirations to sell more cocktails.

We work closely with event and festival bar companies aswell as UK based pubs and bars – anyone with aspirations to sell more cocktails.


We are delighted to introduce our exciting new range of handcrafted cocktail blends.

They are designed to be mixed with your alcoholic spirits to make tasty and imaginative cocktails quickly and consistently.


Slushie machines are unrivalled in their ability to serve high quality cocktails very quickly and consistently.

We are delighted to be the foremost supplier to an increasingly large number of events and festivals across the UK.

We have a number of high performance machines available as well as cocktail blends that we produce in-house, crafted for use in these machines.

Fill the machine with our cocktail blends – add your spirits – and that’s it – frozen cocktails in record time!

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