Wine Based Cocktails

May 24, 2018

As tasty and diverse as Sangria can be, wine has a lot more to offer as a cocktail ingredient beyond this old staple. Here are some interesting wine cocktails of all shapes and sizes that we love, with wine heavily featuring.

As we approach the summer, it’s fitting to lead with our favourite frozen wine cocktail for our own range. The recipe below is our interpretation of this drink and it has become part of our range of summer cocktails that is available with our frozen drinks machines.

We work closely with Axiom  and Belsazar Rosé in particular with this serve and it will be dispensed from our frozen drinks machines often over the summer months, beginning with this weekend at We Are Festival where we are working with Freeman’s .

Here is a Frosé recipe designed for a frozen drinks machine with the addition of Belsazar Rose, or rosé wine.

Strawberry puree – 4%
Lemon juice – 17%
Pomegranate juice – 7%
Purple grape juice – 7%
Sugar syrup (1:1) – 27%
Water – 38%

We would package a recipe similar to the above in 5L cans and to every 5 litres of mix, we’d recommend adding 3-4 bottle of rosé wine or 3 bottles of Belsazar Rosé.

Port Cobbler
A great drink that uses a well-known style of fortified wine. I used to love rolling this out to lunchtime drinkers. Rich, deep purple in appearance – refreshing, light, fruity and moreish in taste.

You can substitute port for sherry here too and orange curacao (10ml or so) also makes for a great addition to both drinks.


2 Pineapple wedges
2 Orange slices
1 Lemon wedge
10ml Lemon juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
70ml LBV Port

Muddle, shake & strain and serve over crushed or cracked ice
Glass: Highball (or tankard)
Garnish: Mint sprig, orange slice, pineapple wedge

Kiss from a Rosé
This is a cocktail created with Be At One bars  featuring our Strawberry & Cucumber blend. At the time of writing, it is 7th best selling on their menu which we are delighted about.




Icely Done Strawberry & Cucumber – 50ml
Gin – 30ml
Rosé wine – 30ml
Pomegranate juice – 30ml
Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic – 30ml

Method: Shake & Strain. Cap with crushed ice
Glass: Highball
Garnish: ½ Strawberry

Sosho Cooler
A cocktail created by Kevin Armstrong which was maybe the drink that introduced the potential of wine as a cocktail ingredient in modern cocktails. Sosho was an awesome late-night cocktail bar in Shoreditch and I smashed out many of these during my time there. A delicious drink to this day.

Red grapes – 3
Passion fruit syrup – 5ml
Sugar syrup – 10ml
Lemon juice – 15ml
Passion fruit vodka – 30ml
Apple juice – 40ml
Sauvignon blanc – 70ml

Shake & Strain.
Glass: Catalina (or a 14oz highball)
Garnish: Grapes & an apple fan

Lastly, I’d like to share a cocktail made exclusively from fortified wines which combine to make a truly beautiful aperitif cocktail. The cocktail is called the Adonis and it dates back to the mid-1880’s. It was named after a Broadway show of the same name which was the first to run for more than 500 performances.

Dry sherry – 35ml
Sweet vermouth – 35ml
Orange bitters – 2 dashes

 Method: Stir with cubed ice. Strain.
Glass: Small martini glass
Garnish: An orange twist

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