Introducing Our Blog

August 24, 2016

Why the blog?

I am starting our blog because I want to share the ride with you. It’s been a great adventure starting and running Icely Done so far – but until now we’ve only managed to share the highs and lows with immediate family and friends. Where is the fun in doing it if we can’t share more of the journey with the folks out there who enjoy our drinks as much as we do.

Our vision for Icely Done presently reads as follows:

“To spread the joy brought about by fresh, imaginative and expertly crafted cocktails”

Without knowledge of products, ingredients, cocktail history and craftsmanship at the backbone, our products are less relevant.

Our blog will be a place to share all the information we have learned from the 14 years and counting of being constantly delighted by cocktails and mixed drinks. Why? Because we can’t fulfil our mission, hopes and dreams any other way and even if we could – it would be pretty lonely and wretchedly unfulfilling.

The launch of our blog therefore marks the beginning of a new journey, one in which I hope you’ll join us on so that we can change the world one awesome beverage at a time.



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