A rum based Caribbean cocktail served in a stylish martini glass, The Yellow Bird

We’ve all gone Bananas!

September 17, 2020

We’ve all gone Bananas!

We haven’t yet had a chance to talk about banana as an ingredient in cocktails so today I’d like to bring in two great cocktails that feature it as an ingredient. It’s Banana Day, so I’ll take the opportunity. That said, it could be national chess day and I’d happily shoehorn drinks like these in to the conversation.

Yellow Bird

This is a cracking little cocktail from the land of Barbados and works great with a Bajan rum like Doorly’s, or Mount Gay for example. The recipe below is different from the original as it calls for fresh banana (as opposed to banana liqueur). Love, love this drink. The below is a scribbling that I dug out of an old notebook and I owe a nod of gratitude to the living drinks legend that is Kevin Armstrong for the below adaptation.


Havana Club 3yr – 40ml
Galliano – 5ml
Lime juice – 15ml
Sugar syrup (1:1) – 10ml
2 slices of banana
Pineapple juice – 30ml
Apricot brandy – 2.5ml

Muddle, Shake and Strain. Serve in a cocktail glass with a slice of banana on the rim (skin intact).

A photo of a Carribean Classic, Yellow Bird Cocktail

A rum based Caribbean cocktail served in a stylish martini glass, The Yellow Bird


Nuclear (Banana) Daiquiri

The Nuclear Daiquiri is a drink by Gregor du Gruyther. I didn’t know him personally but I remember him being irresistibly charismatic at a cocktail competition we were both competing at. Not knowing him well, I’ll remember him less by who he was and more by his firecracker of a drink, The Nuclear Daiquiri.

The recipe below was adapted by The Hawksmoor and I made tons of these when I worked behind the bar there. Not one to be taken too seriously but it’s an absolute winner nonetheless.

Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum – 25ml
Yellow Chartreuse – 25ml
Lime juice – 25ml
Velvet Falernum – 15ml
Sugar Syrup (2:1) – 10ml
Half a banana
Level scoop of ice

Glass: Hurricane

Method: Blend
Garnish: In Gregor’s original, the documented garnish was “A cheeky smile (!)”
but if that’s a tall order for you, you can go with: Banana slice, Star Anise & Mint Sprig

Tip: A couple of drops of lemon juice will go someway to stop browning of cut banana.


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