Tropical Shade: A themed drinking paradise featuring Icely Done cocktails

March 6, 2017

It was one of the most important business lessons I have learned to date that led to the inception and launch of Tropical Shade – our themed drinking paradise created by Okoru, featuring our cocktails.

At this point, if you want to skip the background story and get in to the nitty gritty, you can find lots of relevant information including our promotional video at:

The moment the seed was planted was sort of an epiphany and it was important because it revealed the very obvious next steps for Icely Done as we take our frozen cocktails in to events in 2017.

Prior to that moment, we had focussed very hard on creating the best products we possibly could. I am proud of this, but I have accepted that I was naïve to think that this, alone, would be enough. I had visited many events where I knew that our cocktails were the best drinks money could buy across an entire festival site but we hadn’t always had the sales to reflect this.

I hadn’t taken enough time to appreciate the impact that the surrounding bar area might have on the decision folks would make about whether or not to part with their hard earned cash to buy one of our drinks.

Specifically, I am speaking about our frozen cocktails but this is relevant to anyone with aspirations of selling more cocktails. Our frozen cocktails are the product we are furthest forward with and I expect that now that we have a better understanding of how to build the right environment for their consumption to be best enjoyed, we will be better with our offering in 2017.

The epiphany came at Brixton Beach Boulevard in the summer of 2016. Brixton Beach was a long-term pop up with a Miami Beach theme.

I try to get to all events and festivals that we work with (there were 35 or so in 3 months in 2016) but when I arrived at Brixton Beach on this lovely summer’s day I was faced with something I had not seen before. I found that a large portion of people were drinking our frozen cocktails. I stood humbled for the first few seconds, and then I quickly became annoyed with myself for underestimating the importance of the environment that people would be enjoying our cocktails.

With the birth of Tropical Shade, from now on I will be fighting had to make sure guests have the perfect surroundings to enjoy our cocktails, so they will have a better time and appreciate our crafted cocktails that little bit more. In a saturated festival market, events organisers will benefit as a result of giving guests even more value for money and bar events companies will be happy with increased sales, not just of our products, but of cocktails and mixed drinks on the whole.

Providing an awesome environment to match our quality drinks, Icely Done will benefit by selling more of our cocktail blends and subsequent profits will ensure that we move past the start-up business phase and work harder at our mission to spread our love of innovative, imaginative and expertly crafted cocktails.

Here are some great advantages of Tropical Shade for events in summer 2017:

  • Breath-taking installation to compliment your event.
  • The perfect environment to match our inventive & exotic cocktail menu.
  • Tropical environment proven to increase cocktail sales.
  • Guests will form a positive emotional connection to your event as a result of being transported to a tropical paradise.
  • For installs lasting longer than a week, you get to keep it, so everything we install is yours. If you want rid of it, we’ll collect it for free, or we can store it for you until a future re-install date (small reinstallation cost applies).
  • Proven best-selling drinks.
  • Fast cocktail serves, perfect for high volume bars.
  • Delicious cocktails with 100% consistency of flavour.
  • Icely Done cocktails crafted using only squeezed juices, fruit purées and handmade syrups and sherbets. No artificial colours or flavours.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to sharing a Piña Colada this summer at an event we find ourselves at.


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