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Time Is Money!

September 17, 2020

They say time is money, and with our blends – we mean it. Our cocktail blends are made for busy bars who are looking to retain the theatre of cocktail making, but need a quick solution without compromising on taste or quality.

Great tasting cocktails are a must have for any bar wanting to expand its drinks menu. If you’re put off from serving cocktails due to spending out on complex ingredients and investing in hours of staff training, we have the solution.

Handmade by awesome humans in our Hertfordshire kitchen, our cocktail blends boast an array of flavours to help you serve a variety of delicious cocktails, whilst making an even tastier gross profit.

Handmade cocktail blends

Once made, our blends are filled into either 75cl glass bottles, or 1 litre plastic bottles, which can be stored ambient or chilled. Regardless of the storage methods, the majority of our blends boast a 5 month shelf life, meaning less worry about running out of ingredients last minute due to shorter than expected expiration dates.

The Price is Always Right

With our blends priced between £7-£8 per bottle, using our recommended 50ml serve per cocktail, the indicative cost for bars is 50p per drink. Depending on your usage of spirits and other ingredients, bars can expect upwards of 75% gross profit on all finished cocktails featured across their menu.

Creating cocktails with Icely Done’s blends will increase speed of service, meaning your bartenders are able to make more drinks per hour, per shift – increasing the revenue per individual bartender. You’ll also be reducing your wastage on fruits and purees, as our blends contain the exact ingredients you need to flavour up incredible cocktails with as few steps as possible.

cocktail shaking

With their speed of serve, our blends will enable you to increase your top line revenue by helping your bars serve more drinks per happy hour and key times slots, increase the number of cocktails served per bartender per shift, and serve more cocktails per customer per visit. Without the long waiting time at your bar, each cocktail buying customer will increase their average spend. Happy customers, happy profits!

Doing The Hard Work For You

As already we do the hard work for you, you’ll be able to drastically decrease your bars prep time before any busy shift, meaning you’ll be saving money on the staff labour needed before you’ve even opened your bar to start serving drinks. As you’re using less ingredients than traditional cocktail preparation, you’ll be able to significantly reduce staff training time.

Your customers will love our blends because it gives them more time with their night to enjoy crafted cocktails, less time at the bar – and no less drinks sold. What’s not to like!

Our cocktail blends are available in a range of expanding flavours. If you’re keen on finding out more – or want to try them in your bar, just give us a shout at [email protected] / 01992 442993. We always love a chat!

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