The Winter Collection

Fruit-based blends that make delicious festive cocktails

With Christmas just a few months away, you’ll soon be facing the pain of having to sort your winter cocktail menus & trying to get into the Christmas Spirit amid a late summer heatwave. No thanks.

Icely Done have gone to the trouble for you. Our Winter Range is a collection of fruit-based blends, specially tailored to help you create a variety of classic and new cocktails – with a celebratory vibe.

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Warm cocktails

Toffee Apple

Creamy, sweet toffee combined with crisp apple and chocolate. This blend is the definition of moreish. Best served warm with dark rum or bourbon, you can also serve this blend on its own for a delicious non-alcoholic tipple.

Mulling Mix

Designed to be combined with red wine (and a dash of cognac) to make top-class and consistent mulled wine.

Ginger, Honey and Lemon

The dream team of the winter cocktail Olympics. Ginger, British honey & Spanish lemon. This blend is your go to for Hot Toddys & whiskey cocktails this festive season.

Winter Wonders

Spiced Cranberry and Clementine

This is a limited-edition blend only available in the winter, and over the festive period. Especially wonderful with orange gin, Campari and cognac. For a delicious Winter Bellini style cocktail, just add prosecco!

Pomegranate & Spiced Pear

An autumnal masterstroke with delightful versatility. Creamy pear layered with warm cinnamon spice and tangy ruby pomegranates.

Wonderful with rum, vodka and tequila. It also loves chocolate, apricot and bitter lemon as playmates. Try this blend as the base of a warm cocktail this winter with red wine, cognac and apricot.


Our Hedgerow blend is a delicious cocktail base that combines seasonal dark berries; with red grape, pomegranate and lemon.

We offer the blend all year round, but we are especially passionate about it during the Autumn and Winter when the seasonal flavours really hit home. Superb with cognac and bourbon, but also delicious with vodka & ginger ale.

Why choose this collection?

  • Increase cocktail revenue with a GP over 75%
  • Maintain productivity despite staff shortages
  • Create consistent cocktails in under 60 seconds
  • Deliver ‘wow’ moments, through easy to make drinks
  • Adapt to make hot, cold, classic or unique drinks
  • Reduce bartender prep time
  • Suitable for small bars to large events

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