The Silk Stocking…a perfect Valentine’s Cocktail

February 13, 2017

I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s my least favourite of the calendar days of this kind.

Having worked in venues hosting people for dinner, I have never seen dining rooms so dead. Atmospheres of some of the best London dining rooms murdered in cold blood by couples insistent on celebrating this treacherous day. Observing someone being proposed to in a restaurant I worked in on Valentine’s Day is still one of the low points of my life.

The day is unspontaneous and unimaginative which all amounts to unromantic in my books.

Since you ask, if I were to celebrate this day, the ingredients for a successful approach would be sassiness, mischief, laughter, playfulness and maybe chocolate.

There is one drink that epitomises everything that is great about a healthy, sexy Valentine’s Day (if there is such a thing) and that drink is the Silk Stocking and not a Valentine’s Day goes by without me telling someone this concrete fact.

The Silk Stocking is made with white tequila, pomegranate syrup, white cacao, milk & creme (half and half).

Tequila brings the daring, playful mischief, pomegranate is the aphrodisiac fruit of Aphrodite (God of love & fertility), white cacao brings the chocolate and the half and half lends a luscious silky, mouthfeel. If things are not hot enough already, a grating of cinnamon (another ingredient increasing sexual appetite) rounds off this gorgeous, late night cocktail. Even the name is sexy.

Do you think we can petition Nigella to make one on TV? She’s the only person that would do it justice. If Nigella is unavailable, you can watch me make one over on our YouTube channel. I’ll make sure the video is up by tomorrow.

Here is our recipe for this great drink:

Silk Stocking

Tequila – 40ml
Crème de cacao (white) – 20ml
Half & half – 20ml
Grenadine – 5ml

Shake well and strain in to a cocktail glass. Finely grate a little cinnamon bark.

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