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The Tale of Our Frozen Cocktails

There was a time where frozen cocktails represented the only product in our range so that’s often how people recognise us. I don’t mind that, […]

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Cocktail Slushies | A Bold & Inspiring future

Are Cocktail Slushies the future for Cocktails? Although we consider ourselves a cocktail company, frozen cocktails were our starting place. With that in mind, I […]

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The Inspiration Behind Our Blends

In a way, our cocktail bases evolved from our frozen cocktail range in the sense that we wanted to expand on our mission to help […]

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Summer Festival Round Up

The start of summer feels like a long time ago, and we kicked off supplying our drinks to festivals back in May over the Bank […]

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National Piña Colada Day

It’s National Piña Colada Day! PIÑA COLADA Translated literally, means “strained pineapple”. From our range of frozen drinks, the Piña Colada represents an exotic, playful […]

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The Evolution of Icely Done continued….. Part 3 – 5

The Evolution of Icely Done continued…  Part 3 – 5 Part 3: 2016 2016 was a great year for Icely Done. In April, we moved in […]

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The Evolution of Icely Done: Part 1-2

The Evolution of Icely Done Part I: 2011 – 2014 Icely Done was born in 2011. Fresh back from travelling in South America and living […]

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Wine Based Cocktails

As tasty and diverse as Sangria can be, wine has a lot more to offer as a cocktail ingredient beyond this old staple. Here are […]

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