Awesome Summer Cocktails with Rum

August 31, 2020

It’s a genuine pleasure to take a few minutes out to talk about rum. Before we get into the swing of things and discuss Rum Cocktails, let’s go back to where it all began and look at the origins of Rum…

Sugar cane was first cultured in New Guinea and came around in India at around 350 BC. However, they were mostly used for medicinally with purpose. For more on the history visit the crafty cask.

I fell in love with this spirit as a bartender and it has been a long and healthy marriage so far and there is no reason for that to change.

Rum is the most naturally versatile of all spirits to my mind.

It mixes well as a stirred, up drink. It makes for some of the best long, cooler type drinks. Shaken cocktails, strong, straight liquor cocktails, sessionable spirit & mixers, outrageous tropical drinks.

There are lighter, rectified versions of it (made in a continuous still) and there are heavier pot still versions. Each Caribbean Island seems to have something to say about how it should be made, and the various cultures in the region give us different ways to drink it. Proper fun to explore.

Here are some different drinks that showcase the versatility of rum and also go some way to show how this has manifested in cocktail land.

Next time you fancy a Manhattan, try it with your favourite aged rum.
And when you’re out of whiskey, make yourself a Rum Old Fashioned. Add apple juice to take the edge off it and you’ve made a Treacle.

And the best news is, we haven’t even started.

 A couple of tall ones, check out some awesome Rum Cocktails below.

Dark n Stormy

A drink from Bermuda using Gosling’s Dark Seal rum

This is more of a highball than a cocktail I’d say so try ordering it as Gosling’s & Ginger Beer – unless you want to pay a cocktail price for your highball (spirit & mixer).

Gosling’s Black Seal rum – 50ml
Old Jamaican Ginger Beer – top

Use plenty of fresh cubed ice and garnish with a couple of lime wedges.

Want to learn more about Dark n Stormy – check it out

Anejo Highball

Rum Cocktails - Anejo Highball

Anejo Highball









Tall and delicious. Created by Dale de Groff as a nod to the great bartenders of Cuba, in particular Constantino Ribalagua of El Floridita.

Havana Club 3yr – 40ml
Orange curacao – 20ml
Lime juice – 15ml
Angostura Bitters – 2 dashes
Ginger beer – top

Glass: Highball
Garnish: Lime wedge, Orange Slice 

Straight Up drinks

Rum Cocktails - Classic Daiquiri

Classic Daiquiri


No discussion about rum drinks can be complete without discussion of the Daiquiri. This hasn’t fallen out of my top five favourite cocktails and I doubt it ever will. Refreshing, zesty, punchy, elegant and delicious – when made properly. Perfect this drink and once you have found the way that you love it – make it like that every time.

Havana Club 3yr – 50ml
Lime juice – 20ml
Simple syrup – 20ml

Shake and strain in to a chilled cocktail glass. Many folks prefer to double strain this drink, as they did in El Floridita. Figure out if you prefer them this way, and do that.

Be sure to check out the Dry Daiquiri too. A great modern twist which you can read about here: Daiquiri Blog Post

Yellow Bird

Rum Cocktails - Yellow Bird

Rum Cocktails – Yellow Bird

This is a cracking little cocktail from the land of Barbados and works great with a Bajan rum like Doorly’s for example. This is different from the original as it calls for fresh banana (as opposed to banana liqueur). Love, love this drink. I dug this out of an old notebook and I owe a nod of gratitude to Kev Armstrong for the adaptation.

Havana Club 3yr – 40ml
Galliano – 5ml
Lime juice – 15ml
Sugar syrup – 10ml
2 slices of banana
Pineapple juice – 30ml
Apricot brandy – 2.5ml

Rum Swizzle

Another banger from the land of Barbados. This is a drink that I loved to introduce Mojito drinkers to. A truly worthy challenger to the Mojito’s crown. To my mind this is a better drink and a drink that has given birth to a category of drink that hasn’t been explored that much so there’s room to be original in this category, if that’s your aim.

Lime juice – 20ml
Sugar syrup – 10ml
Velvet Falernum – 10ml
Angostura Bitters – 2 dashes
Mount Gay rum – 50ml

Add all ingredients to a collins glass and add crushed ice. Frappe very well covering the top of the glass with a napkin so ice doesn’t fly out all over the place. Use the flat end of the bar-spoon to get a great up and down motion. Finish the drink by adding ice to fill the glass, then garnish with a lime wedge, orange slice and mint sprig.

Knickerbocker Royale

Knickerboker Royale

Rum Cocktails – A Pair of Knickerbokers

This a recipe adapted from the awesome Knickerbocker cocktail. Royale in the name means that champagne/fizz will feature and the other ingredients in the recipe have been scaled accordingly. Another super drink showcasing the versatility of rum, this time it blends seamlessly with champagne in this fruity winner.

A bit of history that I love about the Knickerbocker is that it was first printed in 1869 in a book called “Cooling Cup and Dainty Drinks” and it included a “his” and “her” version – à la Monsieur – YouTube and à la madame. Love it. This recipe is closest to dudes version.

Lemon juice – 5ml
Sugar syrup – 10ml
Fresh Raspberries – 2
Orange curacao – 10ml
Dooly’s rum – 25ml
Champagne – Top

Shake and strain into a champagne flute. Top with champagne.

Before you go! Check out our awesome video on Boozy Rum Cocktails

Until next time – please get in touch to tell us about some of your favourite rum drinks.

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