Rhubard and strawberry blend

Rhubarb & Strawberry Non Alcoholic Cocktail Blend

September 20, 2020

Have you heard about our Rhubarb & Strawberry blend?

This blog will look at the story behind how this awesome flavour came about…

Between Christmas and New Year, when the carnage of office parties and December drinking has petered out, I begin a process of first, reflection on the year gone by, followed by planning for the coming year.

As part of this process, I think about what flavours I’d like us to explore over the coming months. 
This is fun because I get to flick back through a stack of notepads with cocktail scribblings from my days as a bartender.

In December 2017, one drink, in particular, caught my eye and it was a drink that I had fond memories of.

During my days working with the Match Bar Group, Dale de Groff had the sexy title of Director of Drinks and he would host talks, drinks making sessions and judge internal competitions for us a few times every year. For those that got involved, it was often a pretty creative time.

On one particular afternoon, a bunch of us senior bartenders got together at The Player (Soho London) simply to make some drinks for each other and Dale was there too. I made a drink that was well received on the day and the flavour profile stuck with me.

It was April time and Rhubarb was coming into its peak. I made an intensely flavourful rhubarb syrup and the more I played with the ingredient, the more I was enchanted by its gorgeous pale pink elegance.

The drink I made on the day was as follows:

20ml Gin
20ml Rhubarb Syrup (1:1)
10ml Squeezed Lemon
2 Strawberries
Top with champagne

Method: Muddle, shake & strain. Topped with champagne.
Glass: Large coupette

The drink was never named and it was recorded in my notebook with stars all around it to remind me to revisit one day in future.

With the requirement for advanced prep of the rhubarb syrup as well as muddling strawberries, the eventual drink was never likely to become a menu drink because of the speed of serve but I am delighted to be revisiting the flavour profile this year.

As with all of our liquid products, our Rhubarb & Strawberry blend was created to help bartenders create remarkable, best-selling drinks quickly and consistently, using inventive, imaginative and bold flavours. The blend we have developed contains all of the non-alcoholic components in the above drink, balanced in such a way that the blend can be adapted for use in some great future best-selling cocktails.

We prepare it by blending clear, clarified and tart rhubarb juice with sugar to make a syrup. The rhubarb syrup is then balanced through the addition of lemon juice before strawberry is added to bring the juicy red fruitiness to round off the blend.

It’s a winner of a blend and following are a couple of drinks that we love so far:

A bit of me…

Currently featured on the new Be At One menu, launched in early April 2018 and is selling by the bucket load.

Rhubarb & Strawberry – 50ml
Hendricks gin – 35ml
Dash of soda

Method: Build and churn with a bar spoon. Top with soda
Glass: Highball

Rhubarb & Strawberry Spritz

Rhubarb & Strawberry – 50ml
Gin – 20ml
Prosecco – 75ml

Method: Build and mix with a bar spoon.

Glass: Spritz






See our video below of our Founder Lefti creating this delicious cocktail.

Rhubarb Wine Cooler

Created by our very own Zane Chiswell-Rivas with Big Chill Bars..
Rhubarb & Strawberry  – 50ml 
Rosè wine – 50ml
Pom wonderful (pomegranate juice) – 25ml
Fever-Tree lemon tonic – 25-50ml

(Also works great with 15-25ml gin)

Method: Build (or shake and strain. Top with tonic)
Glass: Highball






Click here for a video of our Founder Lefti creating this tasty cocktail


Rhubarb Paloma

Rhubarb & Strawberry – 50ml
Blanco tequila – 35ml
Dash of soda (or Grapefruit Soda)

Method: Build and mix with a bar spoon. Top with grapefruit soda
Glass: Highball






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