Repurposing Our Drinks Kitchen

Repurposing Our Drinks Kitchen

April 22, 2020

In our previous blog, Lefti discussed how we’re learning to adapt whilst staying the same as a business due to the changing circumstances as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Whilst we’re looking ahead to the future and working on exciting new projects such as a health drink and a Salted Pineapple & Pink Grapefruit cordial until we’re back to business as usual; we have been working on repurposing our drinks kitchen in Hertfordshire to seek other avenues.

Adapting In The Current Crisis

After a good few weeks of research and putting things in place, we’ve begun to manufacture Word Health Organisation forumlated hand sanitiser to meet the increasing demand across the country.

With bars and clubs shutting across the country, our regular orders of cocktail blends, cordials and slush mix were halted to zero. With more time on our hands, we took the decision to seek other avenues to bring in revenue and help out the local community. With supplies running low within the NHS, it made sense to use our commercial drinks kitchen to create medical grade hand sanitiser to help meet demand.

After going through the process of developing the legal ability to manufacture hand sanitiser in high volumes, this week we have started to fulfil bulk orders of 75% isopropyl alcohol hand sanitiser for NHS trusts and local businesses that are continuing to carry out essential work.

Moving Forward In Challenging Times

On repurposing our kitchen to start manufacturing hand sanitiser Lefti, our Founder said “Like many businesses across the UK, the last couple of months have been challenging – especially in the hospitality industry. We have successfully managed to produce World Health Organisation standard hand sanitiser to help ease shortages in the NHS and for key workers up and down the country.”

“It has been a learning experience, but as a small business we were able to quickly adapt to difficult circumstances.”

“At Icely Done, we have a thirst for the remarkable, but what’s truly remarkable is seeing our community come together and being able to play our part in that.”

We’ve already had 100,000 litres worth of orders rolling in,  from both the NHS and local businesses in need of a supply, and whilst it has been a challenge to adapt under the circumstances; it feels great to know we’re able to produce a product that will help keep people safe and protected whilst at work.

Ensuring Workers Safety

The current situation means we have had to get used to a change of pace, but as a small business, we were able to quickly adapt to contribute to those pulling together to help fight Coronavirus. By successfully producing medical grade hand sanitiser, we are able to ensure key workers and NHS staff are able to stay protected and continue out their incredible work safely.

Whilst we’re focused on hand sanitiser at the moment, that hasn’t stopped us from doing some cocktail research for when we’re back up and running! Lefti’s been using his time wisely to dig around our bookshelves, and has so far enjoyed Tristen Stephenson’s “The Curious Bartender Volume II” and Matt Whiley’s “The Modern Cocktail”. We may have swapped our regular spirits for a different type of alcohol, but we’re still continuing our mission to quench our thirst for the remarkable.

If you’re a local business or NHS trust looking to order hand sanitiser in bulk, please do get in contact with us over at [email protected]

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Stay safe.

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