Reflecting on 2019 efficient cocktails for bar owners

August 27, 2020

efficient cocktails for bar owners

Since Icely Done’s humble beginnings in 2014, we’ve continually grown as a business, year on year. 2019 saw us take on a number of remarkable new team members, exploring new opportunities, as well as creating bar owner solutions and efficient cocktails for bar owners. Making it one of our best years to date. We’ve worked with some brilliant bars and exciting events to enable them to serve delicious cocktails quickly and consistently. Whilst we’re looking forward to 2020, we want to take this as an opportunity to reflect on the past year.

Stepping Up Our Staff Game

We’ve not only seen new members join the team over the past year. But we’ve seen some of our existing staff take up new and exciting roles within Icely Done, ensuring that there’s always opportunity for growth when starting out with us.

Paul, who started with us as a Kitchen Assistant at the end of 2017, has now stepped into the role of Production Manager, and has taken up all of our Research and Development – meaning any new delicious blends we release are down to Paul’s brilliant handiwork! He’s been working on some super exciting flavour combinations for summer 2020, as well as perfecting a recipe for a ‘no sugar’ sugar syrup. He’s definitely one to watch!

Another transition out of the kitchen and into the office was Charlie, who’s been with us since 2018. He now steers our ‘summer of slush’, enabling us to get our frozen cocktail machines and slush mixes out to more events than ever. He also manages our machine’s maintainence contracts – ensuring every bar and events machines are up to scratch, to consistently serve delicious frozen cocktails.

Jace also followed in Charlie and Paul’s footsteps, starting his transition out of the kitchen and into the office as our new finance assistant, helping our accountant Josie out with all things on the financial side of the business.

New Starters

Last summer we welcomed Nick to the team – who is now our 2nd member of warehouse staff. His proactive approach since joining Icely Done has enabled us to get more organised in the warehouse, increasing our efficiency. It’s also given Jedd a lot more flexibility, and has enabled him to take up his role as our new delivery driver – where’s he’s able to deliver a direct supply of our products to bars in London and beyond.

In terms of the kitchen, Drew started with us in May – and has shown an incredible potential – especially when it comes to developing her new Quality Control role, where she’s been instrumental in delivering new storing systems and ensuring the quality of our products stay on track, as well as assuring that our cocktails are efficient enough for bar owners. She’s also been helping out Stef with admin bits in the office. We definitely have a lot of good plans for Drew in the future!

More new staff to add to our team!!

Back in March (which feels like a world away now), Janie joined the team as Lefti’s PA – which has definitely freed up a lot of his time, and calmed some of his inner chaos.

Alex came on board as our new Operations Manager in May, he’s basically in charge of running the business from day to day. Lefti doesn’t tend to give up the reigns too easily, but with Alex’s proactive nature and organisation, he feels at ease with Alex at the helm.

Shannon (hello!), also came on board as our Marketing Assistant. She heads up all things content and social, as well as writing these delightful blogs for you all to get you eyes around.

We couldn’t do a round-up without taking a few moments to appreciate Stef, our Office Manager, who tends to get pulled in all directions. From orders to transport, and making sure our fridge is stocked up with all the essentials – she’s in charge of lots of things across different areas in Icely Done. Stef is a seasoned team member of a year and a half, and it’s fair to say she definitely doesn’t get as much credit as she deserves!

Striving For The Remarkable

We’re continuing to grow and improve on all areas, as well as on the staff front and creating bar owner solutions to help bar owners around London. 2019 saw us kick start plans to build a new kitchen, which are hoping will be completed in the spring.

Consistently, we’ve been working with an IT company to provide us with ongoing technical support, as well as bringing a new financial director on board for a couple of days a month.

Although we said our goodbyes to Zayn earlier this year, we’ve been working with some really exciting bars, and are proud that our blends feature in some incredible cocktails across Stonegate’s menus. We also moved to Brakes this year, which was a major transition for us in terms of transport!

Other notable achievements for us this year have been the guys gaining their forklift licenses to use on our very own forklift, buying a big ass juicer that’s definitely helping in terms of efficiency, and investing in a new filling machine and water bath. We also had some great socials, and dipped our toe in the world of volunteering!

We launched our cocktail cordials this year, too – which are providing to be super popular editions to busy bars and banging cocktail menus.

With our machines and slush mix, we helped bars, events and festivals serve an incredible 250,000 frozen cocktails to their customers. We’re definitely looking forward to smashing that target in summer 2020!

Thanks for a great year.

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