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Meet the Team: Alex

July 26, 2020


Bar owner solutions

We’re now in our sixth year, and busier than ever (especially during the summer months), which means we need more hands-on deck to get our products out across bars, events and festivals, whilst continuing to develop and create both innovative and delicious drinks. We are also striving to provide bar owner solutions for other bars in our area, so that we can pass on our experiance to others and help our community.

Over the past few months, we have seen a good number of new staff members walk through our floral painted shutters, and contribute energy and enthusiasm to their respective roles – so we can continue to push forward in our pursuit of the remarkable.

Our New Operations Manager

Whilst we continue to develop as a business, we are striving towards operational excellence; ensuring that every aspect – from production to delivery runs as smoothly as possible.

Enter our new Operations Manager Alex, who joined the team three months ago. Although still very much the new boy, he brings a wealth of experience to the job.

With over 13 years of experience in the food and drink industry, Alex’s knowledge and proactive approach has made him perfect for his new role. Starting out with as a bar-back, he has held positions as an Assistant Manager at Fullers, General Manager at Geronimo Inns, and a Group Bars Manager at Drake and Morgan, as well as dabbling in freelance work along the way. Before starting with Icely Done, he was the Operations Manager for Craft Beer Taprooms. Now that’s what we call experience!

Completing a degree in Business Studies at Loughborough University reflects in Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit – a characteristic that helped get Icely Done off the ground back in the early days, and something we still champion now.

Since starting at Icely Done, Alex has established himself of the King of Lime Zesting. Although he juggles many balls (and limes), his main focus is to ensure everything is lined up to fulfil every order we receive. His ambition is to ensure our products always contain fresh produce and the best possible ingredients way can lay our hands on, as well as striving to use natural ingredients at every single step.

Come rain or shine, Alex’s passion for delicious drinks never falters. If he could only have one drink for the rest of his life, it’d be a Negroni: Martin Millers – Campari – Antica Formula… That’s the bartender coming out in him. His drinks of choice usually reflects on the company he keeps, and when and where the boozing’s taking place. Catch him on a sunny day sipping a Classic Daiquiri, Vinho Verde or a Pale Ale. During the cooler months, for Alex, it’s all about Stout, Black IPA’s, Reserve Rioja’s and Medoc Bordeaux – and DON’T hold the cheese. You might want to mind the hangover though, mate.

When Alex isn’t busy making things run smoothly at Icely Done, you can catch him cooking, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and travelling (or a combination of the above). Amidst all of this, he is currently renovating his home in Hertfordshire. The man never stops!

His words of wisdom? “Drink alone, die alone.” A Negroni for one it is then, Alex…

As Icely Done’s Operations Manager, we’re looking forward to seeing Alex flourish, and push the business forward towards operational excellence and professionalism.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Staff Profiles featuring the Icely Done team over the next few months!

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