Meet the Team: Jedd

August 13, 2019


  • Bartending efficiency

It’s time to meet another Icely Done team member! We’re rounding off the end of the year with Jedd, who keeps everything moving in our warehouse to ensure you receive your orders safe and sound – so you’re able to serve delicious cocktails all year round.

Prior to him joining us in 2018, Jedd worked building jobs across the board, before taking up a role in retail management. His previous building experience has definitely proven him to be quite the handyman around the office and warehouse. He’s able to get stuck into anything when it comes to DIY. He’s even changed one of our car batteries! Jedd’s retail management skills definitely show when it comes to asserting himself in the warehouse – he certainly doesn’t shy away from telling people what they have to do!

From Warehouse Leader to Delivery Driver

He’s now been with us as our Warehouse Leader for over a year, and has begun dropping off orders for our customers in London and the surrounding areas as an Icely Done delivery driver, which he’s hoping to start doing more of in the new year. Dropping off orders from our warehouse means he’s becoming a familiar face for the company within the bars. Although he’s loving being in the road, he doesn’t like the traffic part of delivering- and only being able to drive 20 miles an hour once he gets into London! It’s all part of the job though, eh. Jedd recently gained his forklift license, too (woohoo). Luckily there’s not as much traffic in our warehouse as there is in London.

The fact he genuinely likes his job is something that always keeps him motivated. He says one thing he loves about working at Icely Done is that you’re treated like a person, not just a number – and your opinion always matters. From our morning meetings, weekly highlight/lowlight meetings and staff socials we’d definitely have to agree with that. He also loves the great atmosphere, but if he could change one thing it’d be to get Nick – his fellow warehouse colleague – to shave his beard and start wearing a man bun. Maybe one day…

Whilst Jedd is the man responsible for doing the picking and packing of orders, keeping everything topped up in the warehouse unit, stock flow and making it tidy, he’s also got another responsibility – keeping the snack drawer topped up! Whenever you’re feeling peckish in the office, you can guarantee a trip to Jedd’s snack drawer will sort you out.

A Sociable Guy

He always throws himself into anything we’re doing as a team, from skydiving to raise money for Mind and volunteering for the local FoodBank, as well as any activities like Top Golf, GoKarting, and of course, going to the pub. His drink of choice? A double Jack Daniels with a splash of coke, no ice. Not quite a cocktail, but we salute it anyway.

When he’s not at work he’s seeing friends, and more often than not (when in season) watching the football, namely West Ham as he’s a big fan. Otherwise he’s spending a bit of time listening to music, although you can’t pin him down to one genre. Just don’t try to make him listen to Cliff Richard or ABBA.. Everything else is alright though!

Jedd’s favourite quote? “If you can’t walk with me in the light, I’ll sit with you in the dark.” that’s what we call a true friend.

Well that’s Jedd, hopefully you liked reading about our Warehouse Leader, delivery driver, maintainence man, and Waltham Abbey’s answer to Del Boy. Until next time!

We’ll continue to introduce you to Icely Done team members over the next few months, so keep an eye out on our future blogs.

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