Meet the Team: Drew

June 3, 2020

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We’re back to introduce you to another remarkable member of the Icely Done team. Last time, you met our ‘Jill of All Trades’ Stef, and this time we’re taking it into the kitchen to meet Drew; one of our Drinks Kitchen Assistants and Quality Control superstar.

Drew is another one of our team members with a varied background! Although she started off with Sixth Form in mind – she soon sought other opportunities and worked a few different jobs before starting with us at Icely Done in May this year.

A Career Before Cocktails

Her experience ranges from working in an office as a customer service exec, to a general assistant in a well known supermarket – as well as a bit of bar work. Having a diverse range of skills has enabled Drew to adapt to her role in our kitchen – and move into the world of quality control.

Although her role at Icely Done is Drew’s main hustle, she’s also a recently qualified lash technician!

Drew may have only been here since May, but she’s settled in nicely. One of her favourite things about working at Icely Done is how easy the team is to work with, as well as the amazing culture (that could be to do with the work socials), as well as the company’s outlook on life and working in general.

Progressing with her role, she’s now the head honcho when it comes to quality control; meaning that she ensures all of the products we send out to bars are good to go and at a remarkable standard. For this, she takes a sample out of every batch we make to test the acidity and sugar levels. She’s been learning the tricks of the trade from Paul, who now heads up our Research and Development.

Quality control is an important part of our production, as we have to make sure all of our products are safe to drink (and delicious) before we send them out to our customers. This is all logged on a spreadsheet, so Drew can keep track of the quality of the batches – to provide the world with incredible handmade cocktail blends. She’s also created a filing system in the fridge – so all batch samples can be accessed quickly and efficiently. Go Drew!

A Love for the Culture

Before she joined us officially, when she was interview by Lefti (who she thought was really cool – but don’t tell him that!). She said everyone seemed lovely, and noticed it was a very masculine environment; so she wanted to do it for the girls. During her trial, she was taken under the wing by Charlie; who obviously made a good impression, as she’s been an integral part of Icely Done since.

As mentioned before, the amazing culture at Icely Done is something she loves about working here; with work socials every month and regular staff outings, it’s hard not to get along with everyone else. From Go Ape, to Go Karting and trips to the pub, there’s always an opportunity to spend some time with the team outside of the kitchen.

Whilst her work here is important, she also has another important role – baking and making brownies to feed the team. For her birthday, we even got a custom baking apron made; including all of her nicknames. Nicknames you ask? Think Drewbo Baggins, Drewster and Bin Druice.. Okay then!

Drew loves her kitchen role, but is looking to transition into working up in the office full time in the future. On top of her quality control, she’s been helping Stef with admin bits.

When she’s not at work she enjoys spending time with her dog Marvin, reading personal development books, watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race and heading to the gym – we have an active bunch, don’t we!

After a summer holiday to Turkey this year; she developed a new found love for Mojitos… I’m sure we have a recipie for them somewhere..

Want a bit of inspiration? One of her favourite quotes is “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” – Jim Rohan. We’ll cheers to that!

We’ll continue to introduce you to Icely Done team members over the next few months, so keep an eye out on our future blogs.

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