Icely Done’s Thirst for the Remarkable

April 30, 2018

As we enter our fifth year I was able to adopt the luxurious position of thinking less about our survival as a company, and more about our future and what the company means to me.

It is proper that a company makes plans and until now, I have planned for just 1 year in advance. That said, my intention is (and always was) to help build and steer Icely Done in to a robust, sustainable and enduring company that will make a great contribution and outlive us all. So, as well as planning the months ahead, I have long been thinking about what the future looks like with us in it.

With a small team now working with myself on the project, I have found time to quietly expand on my vision for Icely Done and I have been working with an awesome consultancy (  who helped me to focus this vision. The soul searching kicked out words and phrases that described my feelings and vision for us, and our graphic designer was then tasked with interpreting all this in to a visual identity.

Our new tagline: “a thirst for the remarkable”

Remarkable to me, is something worth talking about, or remarking on.
In other words, extraordinary. I want to evoke that response with every product that leaves our kitchen, but more generally, in everything we do.

So our new tagline represents our humble, tireless, unsatisfied and restless persuit – or thirst – of all things remarkable in the world of mixed drinks, and cocktails. Internally, this is our pursuit towards creating a remarkable company with no stone unturned.

I hope you love our new look and I’ll talk to you soon.



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