Icely Done Skydive For Mental Health

September 16, 2019

You may have seen a JustGiving link floating around our social media channels over the past few weeks, and if you’ve clicked on it, read our story and donated to our cause – even better!

Back in August, during one of our Board Meetings,  the Icely Done team decided they wanted to do a skydive for charity – and raising money for the Hertfordshire Mind Network came as a natural idea, as mental health is a cause that’s close to a lot of us – and something we all care passionately about.

Once the charity was decided, it was time to choose a date. Now, unless you’re supersitious, Friday the 13th seems like an absolute no-go for a date to throw yourself out of a plane, but our team are made of stronger (and braver) stuff. We got the names of everyone who was up for putting themselves forward, and got the jump booked up with the North London Skydiving Centre (who, as it happens – are no where near North London).

Then it became fundraising time ahead of the skydive. We wanted to set an ambitious goal, and so far we have raised over £600 which will be used to support those living in Hertfordshire who are struggling with their mental health. We reached out to our neighbouring and local businesses, as well as to family and friends – who were all super generous and supportive of those doing the jump!

Time to Jump

It was an early start for the Icely Done team on the day, as they arrived to the Skydiving Centre in the Cambridgeshire countryside at 8:30am. Tired or not, if there was one thing that was going to wake them up, it’d certainly be jumping out of a plane! They then all got signed up, and took part in a 30 minute training excersise to get them prepared for their big jump.

The Icely Done boys getting ready to jump!

With the weather we’ve been having all summer, it can hard to know what to expect, but we were lucky on one of the unluckiest days of the year – as it was mild temperatures and clear, sunny skies all round.

It wasn’t all to plan, though. Matt, who had been helping us in the kitchen over the summer, and is now back off to uni was signed up to the jump, but broke his ankle playing football the night before. Lucky for us, our accountant Josie stepped in, even though she hadn’t inially planned to take part. I think it’s fair to say she found it well worth the experience.

The Icely Done girls take to the skies!

If you want to get a feel of the jump for yourself, check out the video of Charlie’s jump – shot 5000ft up in the air! After you freefall for about 30 seconds, once the parachute goes off you are in the air for around 5 minutes, which gives you enough time to take in the amazing views, that you can see for miles. When asked how he found the jump, Charlie said it’s the most fun he’s had whilst wanting to vomit. Sounds.. good?

There’s no doubt that the skydive was an incredible experience for all – and all for a great cause! It’s not too late to make a donation, either. If you’ve not yet donated yet, head to our JustGiving page HERE and help us raise money for Mind and support those suffering with their mental health throughout Hertfordshire.

Until next time, or maybe not…

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