Winter Cocktail Menu

A ‘Flash’ Cocktail Menu for Winter

October 15, 2020

A ‘Flash’ Cocktail Menu for Winter | Bar Owner Solutions

With increasing demand to offer cocktails, or sell more inventive and delicious cocktails in general. Bar operators welcome conversations that will help them move closer to achieving this goal.

In our experience, bar managers and cocktail bartenders vary greatly in the amount of assistance they want from the outside world, and fair enough. Often, when we provide samples of our cocktail bases, we’ll make one or two cocktails to explain how they work and how they might be used, and the bar manager will go off and either twist /evolve those drinks and make them their own, or they’ll use their understanding to make entirely new cocktails. In other cases, we’re even further removed.

The bar manager and his team will receive samples and with an understanding of the flavour profile and sugar/citrus balance – will go off and create entirely new drinks. This is my favourite scenario. This is because the cocktail geek in me loves learning about new bold and exciting flavour combinations and the tasty cocktails that might follow. This also helps me tweak and evolve our recipes. If there are any recurring themes, or feedback from folks that are actively using our products.

A third scenario for our cocktail bases has emerged and is one that we’re exploring more this winter. There are a fair few venues that would love to offer a range of delicious and inventive cocktails that can be served quickly and consistently. These might also be venues that maybe suffer from higher than they would like staff turnover which can disrupt quality and consistency of a cocktail menu, which in turn might affect the reputation of a venue.

Our Idea

My colleague Zane and I have developed a sample cocktail menu that I’ll share below. The intention is to write more and more menus like these with venues this coming winter. We’ll also assist with training (and menu design and printing) to help bars execute the menu. The menus are intended to be a “flash” menu. In other words, effective for a short period only – perhaps for a winter, or festive period. We love it because we learn about new ways to work with our products and we get real feedback from folks that are using our products, and from folks that are drinking the eventual cocktails. We get a lot of satisfaction from helping, and particularly from knowing that consumers will be getting tasty and inventive cocktails for their hard earned cash.

Here is a sample menu that we’ve written. This demonstrates how our versatile range of products can be used to create a dynamic cocktail menu. Featuring delicious drinks that bartenders will love making – and that their guests will enjoy drinking and telling their friends about.

Icely Done Solutions






This is meant to be an example only and I expect that we’ll work with venues to create a variety of bespoke menus so that venues have original drinks that can’t be found everywhere else – if that’s what they want.


Winter Bellinis

choose: Clementine & Clove – Pomegranate & Spiced Pear – Ginger & Lemon – Hedgerow
Charged with Prosecco.

winter drinks menu






Clementine Cooler

Gin – Spiced Clementine – Sauvignon Blanc – Lemon
[features our Spiced Clementine base (limited edition)]

bar owner solutions






Latin Sangria

Rum – Pomegranate – Spiced Pear – Red Wine – Seasonal Fruit – Lemon
[features our Pomegranate & Spiced Pear base]

bar owner winter menu solutions






Spiced Pineapple Highball

Rum – Pineapple – Handmade Ginger Beer – Bitters
[features our Tangled Roots (Ginger+Lemon) base]

Winter cocktail menu






Hedgerow Bourbon Rocks

Bourbon – Blackberry – Raspberry – Purple Grape – Apple – Lemon
[features our Hedgerow base]

Bar Owner Solutions






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