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December 13, 2018

The end of 2018 is just around the corner… I can almost smell the mulled wine and failed new years resolutions from here! In light of a fantastic year here at Icely Done, I thought it only right to look back over the year(s) at some of my favourite cocktails served by some of my favourite partner bars and venues. It may seem a little vain, but I very much believe that analysing your past success’ is key to future wins. Here’s to 2019! #newyearnewcocktail

Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew

Where to find it: Any Hawksmoor Restaurant 

Created By Pete Jeary (2012) at Hawksmoor, this continues to be one of the award winning restaurant groups best-selling cocktails (and not to mention a go to of mine every time I visit one of their sites)!

This fantastic concoction uses a fresh, home-made, ginger syrup combined with vibrant citric lemon juice and London dry gin, swiftly blended with a few cubes of ice and then topped with fullers London pride in order to create something akin to ginger beer turbo shandy. And best of all, when bought at Hawksmoor restaurants, 50p of the proceeds go towards the charity ‘Football Gambia’.

This cocktail actually inspired one of our first ‘cocktail base blends’ still known to this day as Tangled Roots . (I very much consider this the Icely Done ‘hero’ product; and to this day it is one of our best sellers). The inspiration for this blend came from when myself and Lefti met whilst working as bartenders at the Seven Dials branch of Hawksmoor. We were enamoured by the taste of freshly peeled and juiced ginger along with the fresh, fiery, syrup that was created! However, peeling kilos of ginger by hand each week was another story!

Bit Of Me

Where to find it: Any of Be At One’s bars across the country! 

This drink was designed & created with ‘Be At One’ for their summer 2018 cocktail menu. The brief was to create a drink that ticked all the boxes of a delicious seasonal beverage that’s a real crowd pleaser and quick to make for their famous happy hours.

It’s easy to see why this cocktail was hugely successful and the drink jumped almost straight into their top 5 selling drinks within the first month.

I believe the key to this being a successful drink, was the fact that it encompasses a few big, bold and popular flavours. We mixed beautiful pale rhubarb juice with strawberry puree, lemon juice and sugar in order to create the Icely Done Rhubarb & Strawberry Blend  (this would otherwise mean the bartender using 3 or 4 bottles when making the drink). This is then built over crushed ice with Hendrick’s gin & a dash of soda water to create a refreshing summer cocktail!

To me, and I’m sure a vast number of other people, the flavours of rhubarb and strawberry are quintessentially British and conjure up memories of childhood treats & sweets. This translates well into an easy to drink summer classic. (also hats off to ‘Be At One’ for the very on trend / Love Island associated drink name)!

Winter Berry Fizz

Where to find it: Select G1 venues across Scotland

The Winter Berry Fizz was a huge moment for us here at Icely Done as it marked our first foray all the way up into Scotland! This drink was developed in partnership with our friends over at William Grant & Sons, and it sees one of their most popular spirits, Hendricks gin; combined with the Icely Done Hedgerow Blend (Blackberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Purple Grape, Lemon & Sugar) and The London Essence Bitter Orange & Elderflower tonic water.

A photo of the New Icely Done versatile Cocktail Base Hedgerow with fresh dark berries

In homage to the autumn / winter, this delicious cocktail base combines seasonal dark berries; blackberry, raspberry, purple grape, pomegranate & lemon. This cocktail base is part of the versatile winter 2018 range.

This drink also touched on an interesting concept we stumbled upon this year that we having lovingly nicknamed ‘flash menus’ . The idea of which facilitates dropping in a few seasonal serves and special cocktail menu, to drive sales and spend per head across venues. A festive ‘flash menu’ would run from October 2018 until February 2019, so you better act quickly if you’d like to give it a try at your bar.

I believe this drink has been a runaway success on G1’s winter cocktail drive, due to a few factors. First and foremost is a continued consumer infatuation with gin in general, particularly a sustained strength in serve that Hendrick’s carries as a ‘bar call’.

Secondly is that our Hedgerow blend seems to tap in perfectly to a preferred flavour palate (dark fruits, full and rounded working fantastically at Christmas!).

Lastly the London Essence Tonic water makes this an incredibly easy serve to make (simply built over ice) which is fantastic for the bartenders & productivity per hour!

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