Don’t have the equipment you need to shake it up at home?

Check out our handy reccomendations for things you can use in replace of a cocktail shaker, jigger or strainer!

A lot of our reccomendations you’ll be able to find hanging about your kitchen!

I don’t have a cocktail shaker! What can I use instead?!

You can shake your cocktail up in a sealed plastic container, lunchbox, reusable coffee cup, coffee flask, water bottle, protein shaker, jam jar… Basically anything that can hold ice and has a tight lid!

I don’t have a 25ml measure! What can I use instead?!

An egg cup, shot glass, 5 x teaspoons or 1 x good tablespoon is pretty close to a 25ml measure, but it’s not quite perfect!

I don’t have a strainer! What can I use instead?

You can use a coffee filter, salad strainer, tea strainer or just hold the ice back with a big spoon or some chopsticks!

I don’t have the recommended glassware! What can I use instead?

You can use anything you have available to fill up your cocktails with, although serving up a Pornstar Martini in your favourite mug might not have the same effect!

I don’t have any ice! What can I use instead?

We recommend getting yourself down to then shops to buy some or filling up your ice cube tray once you’ve placed your order as ice is essential! The key with shop bought party ice is to keep it in the freezer as long as possible as it melts quickly! Good ice will be the same weight at the end of your drink, as that of the start.

We would love to see you shaking things up home, so don’t forget to send us a pic on [email protected] or tag us on Instagram over at @icely_done

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