Disciplined Creativity

Disciplined Creativity

August 5, 2020

Life to me is a beautiful mystery. Our birth and death is a mystery, and what we’re here to do inbetween eludes us, despite the offerings of science, philosophy and the world religions.

Our chosen belief at Icely Done is that life is a project of continuous improvement, fuelled by evolution and creativity. That means that we try to use time for the unfoldment of ourselves, forming the basis for the collective unfoldment of Icely Done.

Creativity is a fascinating topic to me, and it is one of the things, to my mind, that makes it beautiful to be human. Creativity is expressed through music, culture and the arts, as well as in business. In entrepreneurship particularly, creativity is really prevalent. Building something from the ground up, repeatedly coming out of the darkness of problems and obstacles, into the light of clarity and forward momentum can be immensely rewarding. Creativity and persistence are the fuels that burn, propelling us forward, often into unchartered waters.

Drilling into our passion for creative endeavour further, at Icely Done we try to be more specific with how we talk about creativity, because it is often banded around without the necessary consideration.

Disciplined Creativity

I love this term. As soon as I heard it, I knew that this would becoming our guiding principle as we continue to invent incredible products, and refine our existing products with our “thirst for the remarkable” firmly in mind.

Writer’s block and procrastination are common diseases plaguing creative endeavour and we want to evolve and build momentum, as opposed to stagnate and procrastinate. In our infinitely connected global world, we have access to flavours and ingredients in ways that were previously never possible. On top of that, we have equipment like rotary evaporators that have opened up an extraordinary new world of creativity in liquid development.

Add to this ego, which brings with it an agenda to create things that are often unnecessarily complex. Products born from the ego’s agenda ultimately miss the mark.

We are focussed on leading with simple, bold, cocktails; with exciting and where possible, seasonal flavours. We want the ingredients and the flavours to be part of finished cocktails that sing.

Start with the End in Mind

This statement is the starting point on the map of our creative process:

I find myself saying this a lot, not just when we are developing new products. It’s important simply, because if the end point isn’t somewhere you want to get to, don’t take the first step. Will Beckett from the Hawksmoor once said this to me, and I apply this simple philosophy to this day.

In product development, a detailed written brief of the end point is one way to begin, but I prefer to make something we can all see and taste. If we make something that delights the senses that we would love to see offered in bars across the UK, a fire is lit inside us and we start to plot the journey to this end result.

We follow the path and the process diligently to ensure that we create products and solve problems effectively and in a way that is unique to the very specific way that we approach the world of cocktails and mixed drinks at Icely Done.

I’d love to work with, and spend more time with creative individuals, hearing about their process and their journey in their respective fields, and this is most certainly a theme I will continually return to as our journey at Icely Done unfolds.


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