Cracking Cobblers

August 7, 2018

Some cracking Cobbler cocktails…

The Cobbler is a style of drink that is amongst the most liberal and versatile. Big, bold spirit that needs taming? No problem – make a cobbler. Need a fruity number over lunch that’s not too boozy? How about a port cobbler. And so it goes.

You can never be too generous with your garnish and you need only use whatever fruit nature (or your bar fridge) is flush with at the moment you are preparing one. For reasons of flexibility and versatility alone, this is a drink style I’d love for you to get to know.

Charles Dickens famously put this drink on the cocktail map with his mention of it in “The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit” (1843-44). In one scene, Chuzzlewit is described reacting to his first Sherry Cobbler: “Martin took the glass with an astonished look; applied his lips to the reed; and cast up his eyes once in ecstasy. He paused no more until the goblet was drained to the last drop. ‘This wonderful invention, sir,’ said Mark, tenderly patting the empty glass, ‘is called a cobbler. Sherry Cobbler when you name it long; cobbler, when you name it short.’”

It is also the drink that popularised the use of the straw, although sometimes I lament this invention because I’d love to have worked in bar rooms, full of people filling their laps with ice, trying to get the last drop out of their Sherry Cobbler.

The Port Cobbler is my favourite. This is wonderful at lunchtime, or any time as a low strength cocktail. The sight of this ruby coloured concoction surrounded by the glassy crushed ice and mounds of fresh fruit is a real head turner and a sight I’ll never get tired of.

 Port Cobbler


2 Pineapple wedge
2 Orange slices
1 Lemon wedge
10ml Lemon juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
70ml LBV Port

Method: Muddle, shake & strain and serve over crushed or cracked ice
Glass: Highball of tankard ( ½ pint)
Garnish: Mint sprig, orange slice, pineapple wedge

When you are muddling citrus in to a drink, remember to taste your creation before serving to make sure the balance is right. No 2 lemon wedges are born equal.

Think of the above recipe as a general guideline. Remember that whatever is in season is up for being used here, but keep to the rough quantity of fruit per serve we are using.

Here are some other cracking cobbler suggestions, either from the history books, or from modern times.


Sherry Cobbler

Using the above framework – swap the port for a dry fino sherry. Add 10ml of orange curacao.





Champagne cobbler

Start with the Port Cobbler ingredients – minus the port. Use 10ml Maraschino liqueur and add champagne to the serving glass (not the shaker!)








Rye cobbler

Use the structure of the Port Cobbler. Swap the port for rye whiskey (50ml rye).

Rye/Port Cobbler

Use the structure of the Port Cobbler. Reduce the port by half, add in rye whiskey. You want 30ml rye whiskey and 30ml port.


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