Collective Contributions to Remarkable Lives

August 7, 2019

Collective Contributions to Remarkable Lives

Whilst cocktail and industry knowledge lies with Lefti for the most part when it comes to these blogs, I’m able to spend a little bit of time focusing on the culture at Icely Done, and tell our story to enable you to get a feel of what we’re like as a business. Over the past couple of months, it’s been evident to me that Icely Done’s ethos lies in constantly moving forward in pursuit of the remarkable, and for us to achieve this – we need to create a rewarding and fulfiling working environment for all employees.

If you’ve ever ventured to our Hertfordshire HQ, you’ll see we have a whiteboard up in the office with various different headings – where we’re able to decide and plan our Collective Contributions to Remarkable Lives.

Board Meetings

To decipher what goes up on the board – we have regular ‘board meetings’, and no; they’re not the usual stuffy board meetings you’re familiar with. Our board meetings are a chance for the whole team to come together and share their ideas of what to put up under each category, and for everyone to sign up to the bits they fancy doing.

To collectively contribute to remarkable lives, we’ve chosen 8 categories. Spirituality, Fun/Play, Wildcard, Creativity, Health & Wellbeing, Charity/Service, Learning and Skill Sharing.

If you follow us on Instagram – I’m sure you would have seen our most recent Fun/Play activity – which was Go-Karting on a Friday night after a long, hot week. I only started at Icely Done in June. I’m very new to the team, but for me Staff Socials and activities like the Go-Karting are great for getting to know everyone, and spend time with them in an environment that isn’t the work place. It also plays well into the hands of the work hard/play hard narrative – as looking forward to something at the end of the week always gives you that little bit more motivation to get on with any tasks at hand!

The Icely Done Team go Go-Karting

With a range of Fun/Play stuff planned, from BBQ’s, camping trips and sky dives – you can tell it’s a popular category with our team, but we do think it’s important to focus on the other stuff, too.

Our Charity section focuses on our social responsibility inativies, such as raising money for charity with the use of our Frozen Lemonade Stand. This was a proper hit with our neighbouring businesses – especially when it got to 38 degrees, and it’s definitely something we’ll bring back for future days. We ask for a donation of £3 for each Frozen Lemonade, which we’ll match when it comes to donating to the charity. This time around, we were raising money for Freshwater’s Contact Centre down the road in Harlow.

Our Frozen Lemonade to Raise Money for Charity

Another popular one is Health/Wellbeing. Whilst I’m not necessarily one for running about – I definitely think it’s important that as a businesses, we’re championing Health and Wellbeing inativies. They do say healthy body, health mind afterall. I’ll see about them circuits with Paul, though..

One of my favourite sections on the board is Creativity, where staff members are able to contribute their ideas and input towards the business, the products we’re producing and the story we’re telling, whether it’s through Research and Development sessions or taste testing. In my experience, one of the best things about working at Icely Done is knowing your input and opinions are taken on board at all stages.

I’m sure I’ll be back to revisit our Collective Contribitions to Remarkable Lives to take a look into the other categories, and update you with anything out of our board meetings! If you’ve got any questions (or suggestions) about the board, drop us a line.

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Have a good one!


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