Our Central Kitchen Capability

August 30, 2018

Our Central Kitchen Capability

If you are at all familiar with our product range and current raison d’être, you’ll know that we produce a range of cocktail products in our Hertfordshire kitchen that we make available to fixed cocktail bars, as well as to temporary event bars in an attempt to help folks serve inventive, best-selling cocktails quickly and consistently.

What you might not know is that we often lend a hand with other cocktail products that are not part of our range ordinarily. This is hopefully a by-product and happy consequence of the delicious things that leave our kitchen each week. The remit is often the same. Bar operators need a hand getting cocktails out quickly and consistently. This helping hand often comes in the form of advice and guidance on recipe development, but more and more, we’re asked to produce bespoke products for short-term events and for fixed bars.

Last week for example, we prepared 180 litres of Spice Mix that went on to spice 100’s of litres of tomato juice for Bloody Mary’s. This allowed for the creation of 1,000’s of Bloody Mary’s  which would have been really difficult to produce consistently, at speed, and within a short time frame.

We also do a lot of work with Be At One bars and our core range of blends feature strongly on their menus helping deliver some of their best selling cocktails at speed, helping them achieve revenue per bartender statistics that are pretty unheard of in the drinks industry.

Aside from the core products that Be At One buy from us, we also prepare a Summer Pear blend that we creatively exclusively for them, following a brief they were working towards for a menu drink. This features in a popular cocktail called the Golden Goose.






Another drink we help Be At One prepare is their Toast & Butter Daiquiri. This involves fat washing Bacardi rum and blending it with a handmade toast (!) syrup. I’ll blog about that separately as it’s worth exploring in greater detail.








In mid-August, Zane and I went along to meet Neil and Matt at Be At One’s development lab in Monument. The reason for the meeting was for Neil to walk us through some new drinks they have developed for their upcoming menus. Some of these drinks involve preparation of ingredients that are both time consuming, and not very tolerant of mistakes in terms of process. Following this meeting, there is every chance that we’ll be producing 5 or 6 additional products for them later this year. This arrangement means that Be At One can continue to push boundaries and be increasingly ambitious and inventive with their serves, and some of the preparation involved. They will also save on man hours as a result of much of their bar preparation being taken care of offsite by an operation and group of people that know cocktails and understand the obstacles that they face. Because of our expertise and track record, they will have the confidence that we’ll respect and follow their process and recipe ensuring 100% consistency, every batch which means consistent drinks across their national chain of bars – no matter which bartender prepares the cocktail.

So where realistic and sufficient volume is involved, we have the facility to prepare bespoke products for folks that we work with. Moreover, we welcome the challenge.

Although situations like these are a bit of a diversion from our core business, we relish the opportunities to be involved in more cocktail conversations and we love learning about new processes and ways of working with natural products and bold flavour combinations. As a result, we’ll continue to welcome these opportunities.

Cheers for now,


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