Blending It Up With Be At One

August 22, 2021

Since 2017, Icely Done has worked with Be At One to help them serve delicious and inventive cocktails, quickly and consistently at their nationwide bars. This partnership has lead to an array of best-selling cocktails featuring Icely Done’s blends, including their flagship drink Bit of Me.

Up to the challenge

With 39 bars all across the country, Be At One are challenged with producing tasty and consistent cocktails, whilst keeping up with a high volume of orders, especially during Happy Hours.

Their guests have come to expect the experience of a first-class cocktail, without the waiting time. Be At One want to ensure they’re maximising revenue per bartender, per shift, whilst maintaining a high gross margin on every drink sold across their menu. All this whilst reducing bartender prep hours, and wastage.

Versatile solution

Icely Done exclusive and custom blends have enabled Be At One to offer a versatile range of delicious, consistent and best-selling cocktals.

Whether they’re shaking, stirring or mixing, Be At One’s bartenders – regardless of staff turnover – are able to produce more cocktails per hour, increasing customer spend. Less waiting times means better customer experience, which increases the chances of customers returning to the bar in the future.

Bit of Me drink – made using Icely Done’s fruit-based blend

Tasty results

  • 3 of Be At One’s best sellers feature Icely Done cocktail blends
  • Be At One continue to achieve upwards of  78% GP on cocktails using Icely Done blends


“Speed of serve and consistency of the final drink across our sites has proved vital” Matt Fleming


Looking to emulate Be At One’s Success with blends of your own? Give us a shout at 01992 442993 or email [email protected]

Download the full story about Icely Done’s work with Be At One. 

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