Pomegranate and Spiced Pear

Behind the Scenes: Our Pomegranate & Spiced Pear Blend

September 15, 2020

Creating the Blend

The Pomegranate & Spiced Pear Blend is one of three blends that will now be available to venues and events.

In this post I will tell a little about what inspired the blend and how we go about preparing it.

In creating this blend, I was looking for flavours and cocktails that I would enjoy working with through Autumn and Winter.

It is at that time of year that orchard flavours come to my mind and I particularly love the taste, texture and versatility of the gorgeous pear. I also love how responsive it is to spice, providing a great foundation on which to layer some additional flavour.

As I rolled this around in my mind, I knew I had a whole world of flavour exploration ahead and after some tinkering, I decided that pomegranate would be the secondary, complimentary flavour. The tangy, bitter-sweet pomegranate is a great compliment to what we have going on with the spiced pear and it also lends a gorgeous colour to finished cocktails.

As with most of our blends, we weigh in with a big whack of citrus, in this case lemon. The reason for that is two-fold. Firstly we because we love the refreshing citrus zing that lemon brings, and it also helps ensure that we wind up with cocktails that are balanced and refreshing – not sickly sweet.

The Composition

The composition of the finished blend is as follows.

Cinnamon Spiced Syrup 35%
Pomegranate Syrup 15%
Pear Purée 25%
Lemon Juice 19%
Water 6%


Cinnamon Syrup

We prepare the cinnamon syrup as follows:

Dry heat cinnamon bark in a pan to release the oils the way you might if you were preparing a curry. When the smell of cinnamon fills the air, add water and gently warm, keeping it off the boil. Warm and spice the water on a medium/low heat for 10 minutes and strain off the cinnamon, keeping the freshly spiced water. This method by the way is one that you can employ for a host of spiced syrups, either single flavour, or combined spices.

You now have cinnamon flavoured water, the base of the syrup. We want a 1:1 syrup, so we add an equal quantity of white caster sugar which dissolves easily in to the warm, spiced water. We set the whole thing aside. This is a great ingredient in itself and one you might consider using as a substitute for simple syrup to give some of your cocktails a winter twist. Spiced Rum Punch anyone?

Pomegranate Syrup

Pomegranate syrup is our next component. This is prepared by dissolving white caster sugar in to pomegranate juice (not from concentrate). This is slightly more difficult to dissolve, one theory is because there are already some natural sugars in the juice so there is less room for the liquid to expand in to once the sugar is added. We are using 1:1 here, but if you are creating pomegranate syrup to replace one of the artificial grenadine products available off the shelf – then go with 2:1. If you have a citrus press big enough, and you dont mind the extra effort, you can juice the pomegranates fresh.

The spiced syrup and pomegranate syrup can now be combined and blended with the best pear purée that you can lay your hands on before finally adding lemon juice.

You are left with a exciting and versatile blend made up of spiced, creamy pear, tangy, bitter-sweet pomegranate and zesty squeezed lemon. A great way to start a cocktail.

The Recipes

Here is a recipe to make 1 litre which will yield approximately 20 drinks.

% Quantity in Litres
Spiced Syrup (1:1) 35% 0.350
Pomegranate Syrup (1:1) 15% 0.150
Pear Puree 25% 0.250
Lemon Juice 19% 0.190
Water 6% 0.060


Recipe for 1 litre of Spiced Syrup (1:1)

Water (mls) 625
Cinnamon bark (grams) 70.00
Sugar (grams) 595


Recipe for 1 litre of Pomegranate Syrup (1:1)

Pomegranate Juice (mls) 625
Sugar (grams) 595


Next week I’ll release some suggested drinks that work well with the blend and please also subscribe to our YouTube channel to see some gorgeous cocktails that you can prepare with this blend, and others.

Check out the Pomegranate & Spiced Pear blend here.

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