Adapting and Staying The Same

Adapting & Staying The Same

April 9, 2020

How We Are Adapting Whilst Keeping Things The Same – Adapting and Staying The Same!

Anyone remotely interested in business should read anything that Jim Collins has written. In one of his books, he talks about the paradox of AND. This means that more often than not, its not one path or the other, it’s both.

This is something I am working through at the moment with our business.

At Icely Done, we manufacture products that help bars serve awesome cocktails quickly & consistently. We work with cocktail bars and event bars the majority of the time. This means that our entire strategy is geared towards serving existing bars we work with, and finding more bars out there that share our love for awesome spirits and cocktails.

Closures and Cancellations

With the closure of bars and cancellation of planned events, Covid-19 has ground that to a halt and left me questioning if our strategy was correct in the first place. On balance, I believe it was the right decision to sharpen our focus on serving bars and event bar operators.

Facing Covid-19 as a business, and from a brand strategy point of view; I believe it is the right decision to continue to focus on serving cocktail bars and events, albeit working towards a medium to longer term strategy.

I also believe that whilst we are doing that, we should be looking into ways to help folks at home serve delicious, inventive cocktails – without fuss. That means that we are applying for a premises license and looking in to everything from Uber Eats to Shopify.

I don’t expect any of these things to be an immediate success, but they are things that we can explore because we have the luxury of time – the stuff we never had enough of, remember?!

Looking To The Future

So right now, I am busier than ever working on winter and Christmas products for the on-trade AND working on products we can sell direct to the public from online shops.

So, we’re keeping laser focused on products and services geared towards the ontrade in the medium to longer term AND we’re creating, evolving and adapting to the monkey wrench that life has thrown at us.

There is a quote from a film called Amores Perros that always stands out to me, “To make God laugh, tell him your plans”. It serves as a clear reminder to me that whilst it’s important to diligently make plans, small businesses like ours must leave room for both opportunity and chaos, and that’s why we all need to embrace the paradox of “and”.

Cheers & Bonne Chance!

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