August 2020


Awesome Summer Cocktails with Rum

It’s a genuine pleasure to take a few minutes out to talk about rum. Before we get into the swing of things and discuss Rum […]

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Reflecting on 2019 efficient cocktails for bar owners

efficient cocktails for bar owners Since Icely Done’s humble beginnings in 2014, we’ve continually grown as a business, year on year. 2019 saw us take […]

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The Tom Collins Cocktail

Making a refreshing Tom Collins cocktail The Tom Collins drink (which you can learn more about here) will be the focus of my first post […]

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Introducing Our Blog

Why the blog? I am starting our blog because I want to share the ride with you. It’s been a great adventure starting and running […]

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Meet the Team: Charlie

Bar solutions UK   It’s time to introduce you to another member of the Icely Done team – one who we’re sure you’re already familiar […]

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Our Strawberry & Cucumber Blend

  Before we talk about our Strawberry & Cucumber Blend, let’s go back. Back when I was a young gun, perfecting my cocktail craft with […]

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Disciplined Creativity

Life to me is a beautiful mystery. Our birth and death is a mystery, and what we’re here to do inbetween eludes us, despite the […]

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Cocktail Slushies | A Bold & Inspiring future

Are Cocktail Slushies the future for Cocktails? Although we consider ourselves a cocktail company, frozen cocktails were our starting place. With that in mind, I […]

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