June 2018


The Soul of Icely Done

Today we’re going to dive deep in to the soul of Icely Done. This piece is in many ways, an expression of our philosophy and Icely Done’s world view. The statements below represent what we deem valuable and consequently, they determine our course of action. Our integrity, if we have any, can be measured in […]

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Meet The Team

Our journey so far is a tale of evolution. I am not a science head and therefore not versed in the subject of evolution, but it often feels that creativity and evolution might be the most powerful forces on earth. For us, there was no big bang to start with, just a quiet entrance through […]

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National Cognac Day

As we venture into the world of cognac, it can often feel as though we’ve entered into a world of sophisticated, grown up drinking. I am fine with that, particularly as I entered my 36th year last week. I also welcome the opportunity of thinking about cognac at this time of the year – in […]

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