Cocktail Slushies

Our Experience

We are self-proclaimed experts on delivering frozen cocktails from slushie machines. In 2016, we’ll be doing it for the third year running at many iconic British festivals and we also work with a chosen few venues in London.

There is no quicker or more consistent way to serve a delicious and nostalgic frozen cocktail and that’s why we are so passionate about providing this cocktail serve.

To enable this, we have a number of cocktail slushie machines available for both short and long term use, supplied with and without our awesome blends.

You can also purchase our blends standalone if you have a machine of your own.

Contact us here to do that.

Slushie Machines

Supplied Free On Loan

If you are a bar or a pub with aspirations to serve delicious frozen cocktails, we have a small number of machines available for longer term contracts, which include regular deliveries of our handmade blends.

Typically, we work with venues on a 6 or a 12 month contract but we will aim to help you, whatever your requirements may be.

Get in touch to find out about a standard agreement we can offer.

Our Cocktail Slushie Blends

Our cocktail blends are crafted by hand in our kitchen using 100% natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavouring. We package them in 5 litre cans and the only thing that you will need to add is your spirit of choice – nothing else.

The blends we have to offer are as follows:

The Classics:
Classic Margarita blend
Classic Daiquiri blend

Fruity Ones:
Passion Fruit blend
Summer Berry blend

Get in touch direct to place an order.

Short Term Slush Machine Rental

Latest pricing shown below.

We also offer 6 and 12 month packages as well as bespoke packages to suit your requirements.

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