Our blends

We created our blends to help bartenders serve delicious and imaginative cocktails quickly and consistently whilst retaining the theatre that comes with cocktail preparation.

Our blends are not a finished cocktail in a bottle, they are the foundation of many beautiful drinks. They are hand made and highly versatile. They are non-alcoholic and more often than not, designed to be mixed with spirits and one or two other ingredients to make tasty and imaginative cocktails very quickly and consistently.

They are packaged in 1 litre plastic bottles and we encourage folks to decant them in to glass bottles that can be reused many times.

For events and festivals, our blends can be packaged in to plastic 5 litre cans and dispensed from 1 litre store and pours.

Following are some of the blends we are offering as well as some of the delicious cocktails we suggest you try with them.

NEW Rhubarb & Strawberry

Our newest blend. Gorgeous, enchanting, tart British rhubarb blended with
Strawberry & Lemon.

A superstar of a blend that is already at the heart of some best-selling cocktails.

Strawberry & Cucumber

Perfect for the summer months, this blend was created to celebrate the winning combination of two much-loved British flavours conjuring images of great Wimbledon tennis.

This is a BIG favourite with our customers, a real crowd pleaser.

Tangled Roots

Fresh, fiery ginger & squeezed lemon combine in our most versatile and dynamic blend.

Peeled, washed ginger root is at the heart of this
beautiful handmade blend.

Fiery ginger syrup carefully balanced with lemon juice.

Pomegranate & Spiced Pear

We created this blend to celebrate the transition from summer
in to autumn.

Pear is at the heart of this blend which also features some of our favourite autumn/winter flavours.

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