Our blends

Our blends are hand crafted and made to order in our north-London kitchen. They are supplied non-alcoholic and designed to be mixed with your spirits to make tasty and imaginative cocktails very quickly and consistently.

For pubs, bars and restaurants, our products are packaged in 75cl bottles, 6 bottles to a case.

For events and festivals, our blends can be packaged in to plastic 5 litre cans and dispensed from 1 or 2 litre store and pours. Get in touch and we’d be glad to show some examples.

Following are some of the blends we are offering as well as some of the delicious cocktails we suggest you try with them.

Strawberry & Cucumber

Our British summer-inspired offering inspired by the resurgence of spritz style cocktails.

Strawberry & Cucumber elegantly blended with squeezed lemon to create a beautiful base for a Strawberry Spritz. Great as a single serve – even better to share!

Hurricane Punch

We believe there is room on every drinks menu for a
Rum Punch. Our blend contains all of the ingredients you’d expect to taste in a balanced and delicious rum punch:
Exotic Syrups, Tropical Juices & Citrus Zing.

Combine our blend with rum to make a delicious Hurricane Rum Punch either as a single serve – or to share!


Our Margarita blend is expertly crafted to provide a consistent and delicious base, worthy of this mighty Classic!

Using our blend, you can omit the orange liquor if you like – we have included the oils and orange flavour within the hand crafted orange sherbet, used in this blend.

Tangled Roots

Handmade, fiery ginger syrup carefully balanced with squeezed lemon juice.

This blend has inspired some innovative shandy-style cocktails, non-superior to Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew – an incredible cocktail from Pete Jeary.

Vanilla & Passion Fruit (PORNSTAR)

It’s impossible to talk about Vanilla & Passion Fruit as ingredients in a modern cocktail without mentioning the Pornstar Martini.

Our blend takes its inspiration from that cocktail, created by Douglas Ankrah, a prolific contributor to London cocktail culture in the 1990’s.


Our Mojito blend makes it quick and simple to consistently create this fresh, elegant, Cuban classic.

Perfect for high volume bars and events.

Pomegranate & Spiced Pear

We created this blend to showcase some of our favourite winter flavours, and particularly how well they work with fizz at the heart of some great celebratory cocktails in Winter.

This blend is available between October 1st and April 30th.

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