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‘Mr.Potato Head’ – A Cocktail For Everyone!

‘Mr.Potato Head’ – A Cocktail For Everyone!  (Guest blog– Icely Done Sales Manager & Bartender Zane Chiswell-Rivas) “Make me your best cocktail”. It’s a simple question and yet one that has probably made more bartenders scratch their head and grumble in confusion than any other. The simple truth is there is no correct answer to […]

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A ‘Flash’ Cocktail Menu for Winter

A ‘Flash’ Cocktail Menu for Winter With increasing demand to offer cocktails, or sell more inventive and delicious cocktails in general, bar operators welcome conversations that will help them move closer to achieving this goal. In our experience, bar managers and cocktail bartenders vary greatly in the amount of assistance they want from the outside […]

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A Gimlet Cocktail & a Redhead

A Gimlet Cocktail & a Redhead The reason I called our blog the Cocktail Diaries was initially because I had kept a record of many conversations I had with guests when I was a cocktail bartender, and the drinks that followed these conversations. I’ll share some of them through this blog as we go along. […]

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Bloody Mary’s – Consistent and At Speed

Bloody Mary’s – Consistent and At Speed Great vodka cocktails are few and far between but vodka plays an important role in what is perhaps the King of all hangover cures. Introducing the Bloody Mary – one of vodka’s greatest gifts to the cocktail world although it definitely has the Marmite effect in term of […]

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Cracking Cobblers

Some cracking Cobbler cocktails… The Cobbler is a style of drink that is amongst the most liberal and versatile. Big, bold spirit that needs taming? No problem – make a cobbler. Need a fruity number over lunch that’s not too boozy? How about a port cobbler. And so it goes. You can never be too […]

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Fantastic Fizzes

Exploring Cocktail ‘Fizzes’ I often refer back to my little library of cocktail books when I sit down to write these posts. For this piece, I want to share the introduction I got, when I started looking for recipes for Fizzes in a book called “Cocktails: How to Mix Them” by Robert. That’s right, just […]

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National Piña Colada Day

It’s National Piña Colada Day! PIÑA COLADA Translated literally, means “strained pineapple”. From our range of frozen drinks, the Piña Colada represents an exotic, playful and indulgent drink and made well, can be quite a thrill to the taste buds. As a bartender, the ones I enjoyed making the most, were the ones we made […]

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National Cognac Day

As we venture into the world of cognac, it can often feel as though we’ve entered into a world of sophisticated, grown up drinking. I am fine with that, particularly as I entered my 36th year last week. I also welcome the opportunity of thinking about cognac at this time of the year – in […]

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Wine Based Cocktails

As tasty and diverse as Sangria can be, wine has a lot more to offer as a cocktail ingredient beyond this old staple. Here are some interesting wine cocktails of all shapes and sizes that we love, with wine heavily featuring. Frosé As we approach the summer, it’s fitting to lead with our favourite frozen […]

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LAUNCH: NEW Rhubarb & Strawberry Non Alcoholic Cocktail Blend

The newest flavour to hit our range of non alcoholic cocktail blends, Rhubarb & Strawberry…. but what’s the story behind the launch of this new flavour? Between Christmas and New Year, when the carnage of office parties and December drinking has petered out, I begin a process of first, reflection on the year gone by, followed by […]

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