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Our Central Kitchen Capability

Our Central Kitchen Capability If you are at all familiar with our product range and current raison d’être, you’ll know that we produce a range of cocktail products in our Hertfordshire kitchen that we make available to fixed cocktail bars, as well as to temporary event bars in an attempt to help folks serve inventive, […]

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The Inspiration Behind Our Blends

Our Blends: The Inspiration behind them..           In a way, our cocktail bases evolved from our frozen cocktail range in the sense that we wanted to expand on our mission to help folks serve inventive and imaginative cocktails quickly and consistently, and this time without the need for an expensive frozen […]

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The Evolution of Icely Done continued….. Part 3 – 5

The Evolution of Icely Done continued…  Part 3 – 5 Part 3: 2016 2016 was a great year for Icely Done. In April, we moved in to our present-day HQ which was an empty white warehouse. The race was on to build the kitchen in time for mid-May when the festivals were set to begin. Creating […]

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The Evolution of Icely Done: Part 1-2

The Evolution of Icely Done Part I: 2011 – 2014 Icely Done was born in 2011. Fresh back from travelling in South America and living in Australia, I was bursting with enthusiasm to put something of my own in motion. I had kept a little notebook of ideas detailing cool things I had seen on […]

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The Soul of Icely Done

Today we’re going to dive deep in to the soul of Icely Done. This piece is in many ways, an expression of our philosophy and Icely Done’s world view. The statements below represent what we deem valuable and consequently, they determine our course of action. Our integrity, if we have any, can be measured in […]

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Meet The Team

Our journey so far is a tale of evolution. I am not a science head and therefore not versed in the subject of evolution, but it often feels that creativity and evolution might be the most powerful forces on earth. For us, there was no big bang to start with, just a quiet entrance through […]

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Icely Done’s Thirst for the Remarkable

As we enter our fifth year I was able to adopt the luxurious position of thinking less about our survival as a company, and more about our future and what the company means to me. It is proper that a company makes plans and until now, I have planned for just 1 year in advance. […]

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Tropical Shade: A themed drinking paradise featuring Icely Done cocktails

It was one of the most important business lessons I have learned to date that led to the inception and launch of Tropical Shade – our themed drinking paradise created by Okoru, featuring our cocktails. At this point, if you want to skip the background story and get in to the nitty gritty, you can […]

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The Making of our Tangled Roots Blend

ICELY DONE TANGLED ROOTS -Fierce, fiery ginger & zesty squeezed lemon. Fiery ginger and crisp, zesty lemon is an age old combination as natural as breathing but I admit that it came to me kind of late. I think maybe it is a mature flavour profile, although I concede that this might no longer be […]

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Clementine & Clove (a Christmas Spritz)

Clementines are by far and away, the ingredient I get most excited about in the winter. Their fragrant scent and sweet juice is an absolute god-send and there are always a couple of boxes to hand in family houses over Christmas. Although they become available in the markets from November, I routinely wait for December […]

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