About Us

The Story So Far…

Icely Done is a UK based cocktail brand and we are on a mission to infect you with our love for innovative, imaginative and properly crafted cocktails.

We also make and sell ridiculously tasty products which I’d love for you to buy from us.

Of those products, we’re best known for our frozen cocktails dispensed through our slushie machines and away from those, we’ve just launched three really awesome and versatile cocktail blends for licensed venues and events in 2017.

Having spent most of my adult working in some of the best cocktail bars in London and overseas, and the rest of the time reading books, blog posts and talking to anyone that would listen about mixed drinks, I am hopefully well placed, and certainly passionate enough to deliver on our mission and promises.

I hope our products go some way to ensure that you fall deeply in love with the craftsmanship and creativity of proper cocktail creation and I hope you find bags of inspiration and knowledge in our blog, YouTube videos and other channels. We look forward to many booze related interactions and conversations with you all.



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